Monday, July 7, 2008

Mosquitoes’ Bites Are Worse Than Their Buzz

(NAPSI)-The annoying buzz of mosquitoes is as much a part of hot weather as the sounds of kids splashing in the pool or baseball on the radio. But when mosquitoes attack your cat or dog, their bites can be much worse than their buzz.

That’s because mosquitoes carry and spread both West Nile virus and heartworms. West Nile virus can lead to reduced appetite, difficulty walking and other problems. Heartworm infections, which are more common in dogs than in cats, can lead to health problems that cause pets to become disabled or even die. Symptoms may not show up for months, and it’s easy to confuse the signs of West Nile virus or heartworm infections with other diseases and conditions.

“The best defense against West Nile virus and heartworm infections is a good offense against mosquitoes,” says Brian Reardon, product manager for TriForce Squeeze-On. “Pet owners can and should protect their pets from mosquitoes and other insect pests with an adulticide applied monthly, such as TriForce, and by managing exposure to mosquitoes around the home.”

Because mosquitoes require water to reproduce, homeowners are advised to eliminate standing water around the home and yard, including outdoor watering bowls, which should be emptied and refreshed regularly. Pet owners may also want to keep pets inside in the early morning and evening, when mosquitoes tend to be most active. Of course, owners themselves benefit from these same practices.

“We all know how annoying mosquito bites can be on a hot day,” Reardon says. “But the disease threats they present to pets go far beyond annoying. Give your dogs and cats the protection they need with the skeeter-beatin’ control of TriForce.”

TriForce Canine and TriForce Feline go to work quickly to kill and repel mosquitoes, and they keep on working for at least 30 days. TriForce delivers veterinary-strength control in a convenient over-the-counter formulation. Each monthly treatment also provides excellent protection against fleas and ticks. TriForce is available at farm, home and pet supply centers in dosages for dogs and cats of all sizes.

For more information about where to find TriForce Squeeze-On, call 877-734-7565 or visit and print the $5 cash-back coupon for your next purchase through August 31, 2008.

The best defense against heartworm and West Nile virus in your pets is a good offense against mosquitoes.

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