Monday, October 25, 2010

Did I Tell You About the Fish I Caught?

The tale of a dog who hooked my heart.

It all started on a warm summer Sunday afternoon when we went to look for a new fish.  Somehow, that fish turned into a beautiful old gal who hooked my heart from the first glance.

There she was in a small cage surrounded by other hopeful dogs looking for a new home.  There she was just barking her adorable little blonde head off.  And there I was on the other side of the store listening to the annoying sound.

The sound made me look at the cute poodle laying peacefully in the arms of a young girl.  Ahh, I just love poodles.  Why don't I go over and just pet the little darling?

By the time I wandered over to the adorable poodle, the barking dog was being held by Linda, the lady who runs the rescue group.  I touched the little blonde barking wonder and asked her name out of idle curiosity.  "Cassie."  Hmmm. I just love the name.

"Her owner turned her in when they lost her home.  I adopted her out last night, but she came back today with a puncture wound.  Her new home's pets didn't accept her."  My heart started to bleed.

I looked closer.  She had one patch of clear skin on her belly that was in the shape of a heart.  My heart began to bleed harder.

"She's older."  I looked at her again, and noticed the cataracts in her eyes.  And I was a goner.

"I'll adopt her on a trial basis and see if she gets along with my other two adopted dogs,"  I said as my amazed spouse and children looked at me like I had grown another head.  "She needs me."

And, so began our life with dear sweet Cassie, who we quickly renamed Cookie.  Cookie is a blonde terrier mix--  something like the front end of a Yorkie and the backside of a wire haired, with the coloring of a Westie.

She's old.  She's grumpy.  And our lives are brighter with her presence.

She's extremely addicted to laps.  Nothing makes her happier than a lap she can fill.  And nothing makes her sadder than being left alone.

We've had to work on controlling her nuisance barking with a bark collar.  She doesn't particularly like it, but she tolerates it.

She doesn't like taking pills.  In fact, she's the best I've ever seen at tricking us into thinking she has swallowed the pill and then gagging it up.

She's grumpy, but then she is an old woman.  What old woman do you know who feels her aches and pains and gets a tad bit grumpy?  What old lady needs to speak her mind--  and often?  I'd wager there are plenty of them around, but this little old dog gets to grumble until her heart is complete.

She's a sweetie and her presence has turned my poodle into a green eyed lap monster.  It used to be he really liked to have his own chair.  Now, he shares any available lap with our Cookie.

Our Cookie. The  adopted dog who started as a fish.

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  1. Oh - you just made me cry!!! I really thought I'd be getting her back when you first took her! You are a Saint! Thank you for everything you have done with he old gal! Please try to come see us on the 6th. I would love to see you and the family!


  2. What a neat story. So often the older ones are left behind. So glad you took her in and love her. We'd sure love to see a photo of the grumpy old gal. :)

  3. Great story! thanks for sharing, your story and your home! I came over from the blog hop