Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grumpy Old Gal Photo Shoot

It looks like Cookie, my grumpy old gal, has her fans. I guess her advanced age and grumpiness brings out the support from all of us who are getting older each year. We lived our lives-- now we can be grumpy.

I was asked to take a photo of her so everyone could see her. Wouldn't you know it? She decided not to sit still for the photo shoot. Nope, her grumpy old personality came shining through as she decided to be obstinate about it. No cute shot for her showing her age. No, indeed.

Here she is trying to look like a fun loving gal instead of Ms. Grumpy. After all, we did tell her that her story was going to help other homeless shelter dogs get food. And Ms. Grumpy C does like her food!

And here is Cookie after she settled down and decided that a photo shoot wasn't all bad after all.

That Cookie. She's a grump, and we love her. Even with her LDD-- that's Lap Deprivation Disorder.

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1 comment:

  1. Cookie looks beautiful! Hopefully no more racing stripes down her backside that were there for years. I remember when I picked her up and asked about the areas down each side of her backend that had no hair. The owner said 'oh those are her racing stripes, they have always been there'! All along she had a skin infection!!! Such a pretty, grumpy girl! I am so thankful we met you that day and you took her into your heart.