Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Want a Lap Puppy

After being pleaded with for a couple of years by the kids, we finally decided to go see what pets were available for adoption.  We had an older dog who was not a lap puppy by any stretch of the imagination, so I agreed we could have another dog if, and only if, it was a small lap puppy.

Walking in the big box pet store where there were pet adoptions being held, I heard a big bark.  So I followed the bark and went in search for my lap puppy.  The small dogs at the event were completely unappealing to me.  They just didn't look cute.  So I made the executive decision to leave them for another family.  We would just look another time.

While my kids were busy lapping up the attention by the bigger dogs, I turned my attention to the big bark.  He was a russet long hair something or another that was still a pup, but he was not a lap puppy.

I started to talk and pet him while waiting for the rest of the family to realize that I had not seen any lap puppy.  He was extremely eager for attention.  The adoption lady from the rescue group explained he was turned in by a family that had five boys.  Five?  Yes, five.  And not one of them seemed to have time to play with the dog or take care of it.  The mom wouldn't let him in the house, so he was cooped up in the garage until they decided to ditch him at a mere seven months of age.

"He's rather cute," I said as I petted him again.  "In fact, his head looks just like Rod Stewart with his blonde highlights on top."

My spouse walked up just as I mentioned Rod and he groaned.  Somehow he knew where this was headed as I was a true blue fan of Rod  "in the day."

"Just let me sit and hold him."  The older child came over and also commented on his highlights.  The younger child hung back as the pup's face was at the same height as hers.

"He's too big for a young child.  He's still too much of a puppy.  And we all know how puppies can play,"  said the spouse.

"Just let me sit and hold him."

So, I sat and held him.  Well, rather, he put his legs on either side of my body and just stood there as I was trapped underneath him.  The children were standoffish and refused to pet him.  "He's too big, and his mouth is huge."

"But he's so cute.  Tell you what, why don't we foster him since they need a spot for him for a couple of days?"

And with that statement, our lives changed.  The big dog with the Rod spikey blonde tips on top came home and promptly jumped up on the children and grabbed the mittens off of their hands.  Screams echoed in the air.

"He's just a pup.  He wants to play," my spouse said.

It was a mere 34 degress outside and the big dog with the cute Rod spikey blonde tips on top hopped into the pond.  Arrggggghhhhh.

Fast forward to a couple of days later.  The rescue people dropped by to check on him and to let me know they hadn't found another foster family.  How was the dog with the young children?

"The little one is just not sure about him.  His mouth is at her eye level and she is scared.  He seems gentle enough, as long as there are no gloves in the area.  And my fish are stressed out because he keeps jumping in the pond."

The rescue lady replied, "Look how much calmer he is than on Sunday.  Can you give him a few more days before I take him elsewhere?"

The next week, I decided to ask the children if they thought we should keep the dog.  The older one had gotten used to him and decided he was ok.  She even offered to pay half the adoption fee.  The younger one was still not convinced.

Another week went by and the younger child holds up her little hand with five fingers spread wide and says, "He can stay for another five weeks and that's it."

Weeks?  Maybe she meant days?  No matter, because by the end of the day, she was using him for a pillow as she watched Clifford on TV.

Ahh.  I didn't get a lap puppy after all. Instead I got a floor pillow.

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  1. Aw, what a cute story. Kids and puppies just go together.

  2. GREAT story!! We're in Atlanta, btw! How's the pup pillow doing??

    Diane and Cosmo