Friday, October 29, 2010

Pillow Pup Update: Every Dog Needs a Pal

My little "pillow pup" is all grown up and is at the ripe old age of 7.  He's healthy and still is addicted to playing with a tennis ball.  Although we have noticed that he has reduced the number of times he has run in to a tree or pole while chasing the ball.

A couple of years ago, his companion who was an older female left us.  She had spent her life happily giving us love and bossing around the "pillow pup."  After her death, we spent many hours holding him and each other as we grieved for the loss of our girl.

What we didn't know was the effect her death had on our young dog.  He didn't want to eat, didn't want to play ball (much), and just generally laid close to my feet during the day.

Could he be depressed?

After a couple of months had passed, I suggested we look around for a lap puppy for me and as a companion to "pillow pup."

Times have changed.  This time around, we went online and looked at hundreds of dogs listed on a pet adoption site.  We could easily drive the distance for many of these dogs.

Finally, I found a puppy, and I mean a puppy.  I eagerly sent my application in and waited.  Now, rescue shelters have a tendency to check up on the prospective family.  They contact the vet and sometimes, even neighbors just to make sure you will provide a super home for the little tykes.

We fostered one little young dog for two nights.  It started out ok.  My older "pillow pup" ignored him for the most part.  But the young dog didn't ignore our household.  He started growling and showing signs of aggression to the children.  What was really strange was he would snap at them after getting out of their laps.  And then he snarled and chased the younger child.  Sorry, he was gone soon after.

So, back to the computer we went to find another lap puppy.  Oh, what a cutie this small puppy is.  Again, we sent off another application.  This time, I was interviewed for 1 hour on the phone before I could see the little tyke.

We agreed we would come to see the little guy on Sunday and we would bring the older dog with us.  After all, he also had to like the little tyke.  As we sat on the floor at the Henry County Humane Society, we enjoyed seeing and playing with so many of the little guys and gals.  We really liked the little tyke, but we weren't so sure that our older dog was really going to enjoy the puppy antics of having his tail constantly pulled by the little pup.

We were looking at some of the other dogs when the volunteer suggested we look at the black poodle in the back, the one who was cowering and didn't even come over to the fence to say hello.  She brought him out and he immediatly went from lap to lap and kissed everyone.  And then he decided to show us how perfect he could be.  We were stilling looking at the little tyke and had added another small dog into the contest to come home with us.

The black poodle was just kind of there in the background.  The little tyke would grab a toy.  The poodle would grab a toy.  The little tyke would roll over.  The poodle would roll over.  The poodle came and sat in my lap as we continued to look at other dogs.

We put him back so we could continue to look at the other lap puppy sized dogs.  The white poodle was snooty and wanted nothing to do with us.  As the volunteer took her back to the enclosure, the little black poodle came running out and jumped over the other 4 dogs there in order to get back out to us.

I guess he had already made up his mind and had packed his bags.

It took us four hours to decide that day as we wanted them all.  But, as you can guess, we brought the little black poodle home.  We just couldn't disappoint him after he tried so hard to impress us.

As for the 65 pound pillow pup, he started eating again.  He started playing again.  He now has a pal,   er,  Buddy.

And I have a lap puppy. Nearly.

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