Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saved from the Ashes on Her Last Day

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It was time.  I was ready to open my heart and love again after the death of my precious poodle Leo, who I had for 12 years.

I had never had a dog from a shelter before.  When I was growing up, we raised Dalmatians and so I thought I would find a reputable breeder and get one. On the other hand, my spouse had always gone to the local shelter to find his pets.

He talked me into going to the Cobb County Shelter just to see what they had.  I found a Dalmatian!  I was thrilled.  She was beautiful, weighed 90 pounds and could pull me around the bonding room.  I was in love.

And then my spouse made the observation that I might have difficulty with such a large dog as I attempted to take care of my toddler and the stroller on walks.

Reluctantly, I agreed.  Although I did put my name down on the wait list for this gorgeous dog.

We were leaving, when my spouse stopped at a cage and said, "I want to see that dog."

Why?  She was timid, and not pretty and I was not attracted to her at all.

The staff brought her in the bonding room where the dog shivered.  They said she was a stray and it was her last day.  No one had wanted her so she would be put down the next day.

My spouse said, "I'll take her."

"But I'm getting the beautiful Dalmatian."

"So, we'll have two."

He walked right up and paid for the scrappy looking dog and home she went.

That scrappy little black terrier mix was a gentle soul.  Her age was estimated between 2 and 4.  She was the perfect dog for my toddler.

We named her "Cinder."  Cinder wouldn't come out to my husband unless he was sitting down and had food.  She followed me everywhere.  We had beds for her behind and under furniture since that was her place of comfort.  She was so quiet that guests in our home would not know she existed as she cowered in her bed.

She was gentle with the babies and harsh on the young pups.  She didn't like to play, but she wouldn't let any other dog have any toys.  Instead, she would grab them, and put them in her bed to guard.

Dear, sweet Cinder.  We had her for 7 years.  She started slowing down so much that we were unable to walk her.  When she participated in her last Doggie Dash in Peachtree City, we had to flag down a golf cart as she couldn't make the 5 mile walk.  She and I were carried over the finish line accompanied by large applause.

Dear, sweet Cinder.  I held her paw on that last fateful day as she raised her head and licked me one more time.  After that, my daughter and I talked and petted her through to the other side.

Dear, sweet Cinder.  We thought we had saved her from the ashes.  Instead, she graced us with her gentleness and devotion.

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  1. We posted for IH4H and folks said our post is sad. I'm all teary from reading yours. What a wonderful dog. So many are rescued at the last minute and they make wonderful pets.