Monday, October 25, 2010

Saving Katie's Life

I predominately rescue Great Pyrenees dogs. Lately I have a little bit of everything from a beagle pup to an old senile Pyr. I was told about two Great Pyrenees dogs that wandered up to a house and were going to be taken to a kill shelter. My friend Michelle went to pick them up. When she arrived she found a small black lab with the Pyrs. She asked if she could bring the little girl along too since she seemed to have an injury and was limping. Seems we always go to pick up a Pyr and end up with just one more non-pyr!  Michelle named the lab, Katie. All three were taken to the vet the next day. The Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta had taken the two Pyrs, 'Bonnie & Clyde' into their rescue and I was going to care for Katie.

Dr. Meredith Wesley at East Coweta Veterinary Hospital was examining Katie and sending me text messages. The first one said she had a fractured right femur that was old and poorly healed. The second one said, old badly healed fractures on left foot. Next came, cranial cruciate injury on left knee requiring surgery asap. And finally, Katie was heartworm positive.

I sat there in disbelief wondering how I was going to pay for this little dog that I hadn't even met yet. This was going to take thousands of dollars and who was going to adopt her? When I called to talk with Dr. Wesley, she told me that she knew this was more than my tiny rescue could handle and she would keep the dog herself and fix her all up. The only thing Dr. Wesley asked was that I take her afterwards if for some reason she did not fit into her household!

I am so amazed that Dr. Wesley saved Katie that day. What a huge act of kindness that I can never thank enough or repay. It just makes me so happy to know there are people like Dr. Wesley out there willing to help like she did. Katie is now on her road to recovery.

By Linda Palermo

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