Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thinking of Evidence

Evidence is a male zebra who was found on I-75 south of Atlanta in 2008.  His rescue and subsequent recovery by Noah's Ark in Locust Grove are encouraging and phenomenal.  I'm guessing the weather is just right to make the trip back down to see Evidence and his friends.

Click here to see Evidence as he made his public debut in the summer of 2008.

While Evidence is no longer homeless, Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center in Locust Grove, GA, is always in need of a helping hand with food.  Not only does Noah's Ark rescue wild animals, they also have rescue dogs for adoption, and they are the home for some abused children.

Wouldn't it be great if Iams would also donate food to this worthy group? 

Noah's Ark uses over 800 pounds of dry dog food each day. 

Learn more about Noah's Ark and let your heart be touched......


Update  10/27/2010:  Harry's Market in Atlanta (think yummy) has just asked what types of food donations Noah's Ark needs.  Perhaps they will be a huge blessing for the over 1000 mouths there that need food daily.  

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